Score YOUR Cold Case Event
Lunch will be provided
Coming March 2023

Come and join us!

Dust off several of those old Homicide cases and we will help you score them.

Using a well established system developed by NCIS Supervisory Special Agent Joe Kennedy (Retired) when he founded and launched the critically acclaimed NCIS Cold Case Unit, you will be able to determine the "solvability" of your cold case.

Scoring your Cold Cases will help you to determine where you can best put your investigative resources.

Joe Kennedy and his team from Blue Line Training Group will be here from North Carolina to facilitate the day.

This is a great opportunity to network, have a great lunch and determine the "Solvability Factor" of your cold cases.

If you would like to be contacted about this event, kindly fill out the form and we will reach out to you. We will let you know several months in advance where the event will be held, how to sign up, and what information you will need to bring along - so you can accurately give your Cold Case a Solvability Score.

This event is for Law Enforcement, DA's, ADA's, and Prosecutors.

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