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Unmasking Deception

May 9, 2019

Designated MAGLOCLEN Training Session
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Meet Our Renowned Instructors

Stan Walters, B.S. M.S.

With a B.S. In Sociology and Criminology and a M.S. in Criminal Justice Administration, Stan has spent more than thirty years studying and researching the science of interview and interrogation. Stan works with agencies and organizations to educate their people on how to conduct professional integrity interviews and uncover the real story. Stan draws on his vast experience as an investigative interviewer, his video library of 1,200+ inmate interviews in 27 different prisons, and an in-depth knowledge of human behavior to provide amazing insight. Government and military intelligent agents and special forces trust Stan to prepare them for the task of getting the truth. Law enforcement agencies use Stan's principals to assist crime victims and reduce the risk of false confessions. To learn more visit TheLieGuy.com

Carole Chaski, Ph.D.

Carole is the President of ALIAS Technology LLC. The first non-profit research organization devoted to research and development in linguistic evidence. Carole has been credited with pioneering the field of forensic computational linguistics. She has developed methods of software for authorship identification and classification of discourse types, such as threat letters, suicide notes, child sex-abuse allegations, predatory chats, and deceptive witness statements. Carole has served as an expert witness for cases in Federal and State Courts in the United States, Canada, and the Hague. She has provided unrestricted testimony on linguistic issues in Federal and State Courts after Dubert and Frye hearings. She was the first linguist in the United States to successfully undergo a Daubert Hearing for the admissibility of authorship identification evidence based on computational linguistics. She is also the first linguist in the U.S. to successfully be admitted under a Frye hearing for the admissibility of evidence based on the linguistic capacity method for authorship identification and the text-typing method of discourse type identification.

Susan Adams, Ph.D.

Dr. Susan Adams, a retired FBI Agent, is an international speaker and author on 911 Call Analysis and Investigative Interviewing Techniques. She was a guest speaker at international conferences in Vienna, Prague, Edinburgh, Ottawa, Toronto, and at regional conferences in over 20 U.S. states. She co-authored the book "Analyzing 911 Homicide Calls" and her work appears in over a dozen international journals, books and law enforcement publications.

As an instructor at the FBI Academy, Dr. Adams taught Investigative Interviewing and Statement Analysis to National Academy police officers and FBI Agents. She is currently a professor of Criminal Justice at the Graduate School of the University of Maryland University College.

Dr. Adams earned her Ph.D. in Human Development from Virginia Tech and received the University of Virginia's Jefferson Award for Excellence in Research for her study examining indicators of veracity and deception in written statements provided to law enforcement. She serves as a member of the Vidocq Society, a non-profit group of forensic professionals who offer their services to help solve cold case homicides

Analyzing 911 Homicide Calls
  • The analysis of 911 calls offers a key for unlocking the truth in homicide cases. The caller is often the killer and the 911 call may be the only statement the offender ever provides to law enforcement.

  • Research reveals patterns in the calls of innocent 911 callers that often differ from the calls of guilty callers. Officers who listen to the 911 call enroute to the death scene arrive armed with insight and investigative leads.

  • 911 callers under stress provide much more information than they intended, especially when questioned by skillful dispatchers. Callers who fabricate events provide vital clues of deception when the fabricated events contrast with the crime scene.

  • The 911 presentation walks officers through the steps of analysis in an interactive setting using tapes of actual 911 homicide calls.

Unmasking Deception

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  • Course begins at 8:00 and ends at 4:45.
  • Hot buffet lunch served mid-day.

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May 9, 2019

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